Root Access Keys

Quick Info

Plugin TitleRoot Access Keys
DescriptionEnsures the root account is not using access keys
More InfoThe root account should avoid using access keys. Since the root account has full permissions across the entire account, creating access keys for it only increases the chance that they are compromised. Instead, create IAM users with predefined roles.
AWS Link
Recommended ActionRemove access keys for the root account and setup IAM users with limited permissions instead

Detailed Remediation Steps

  1. Log into the AWS Management Console.
  2. Click on the AWS account name at the top on AWS management console and click on the “My Security Credentials” from the menu.
  3. On the “Your Security Credentials” page scroll down and click on the “Access keys (access key ID and secret access key)”. Check the “Status” column under “Access Keys” and see if there are any “Active” keys in the root account. If there are one or more active keys than AWS account might get compromised against unauthorized access.
  4. Repeat steps number 2 and 3 for other AWS accounts.
  5. Click on the “Access keys (access key ID and secret access key)” under “Your Security Credentials” page and select the “Access Key” which is “Active” under “Status” column.
  6. Click on the “Delete” option at the extreme right to delete the selected key.
  7. On the “Delete Access Key” tab click on the “Yes” button to delete the selected key.
  8. “Access Key” status will be changed to “Deleted” now.