Password Requires Numbers

Quick Info

Plugin TitlePassword Requires Numbers
CategoryActive Directory
DescriptionEnsures that all Azure passwords require numbers
More InfoAzure handles most password policy settings, including which character types are required. Azure requires 3 out of 4 of the following character types: lowercase, uppercase, special characters, and numbers.
Recommended ActionNo action necessary. Azure handles password requirement settings.

Detailed Remediation Steps

  1. Log into the Microsoft Azure Management Console.
  2. Select the “Search resources, services, and docs” option at the top and search for Azure Active Directory.
  3. Select the “Azure Active Directory.” On the navigation panel, select the “Users” under Manage option. <img src="/resources/azure/activedirectory/password-requires-numbers/step3.png)
  4. On the “Users” tab click on the “New User” option at the top.
  5. On the “New User” tab, click on the “Create user."
  6. Under the “Identity”, enter details like “Username”,“Name”, “First Name”,“Last Name”.
  7. On the “Password” tab, click on the “Let me create the password.”
  8. On the “Initial Tab” enter the password, and if the password doesn’t contain any “Number” than the Azure will automatically show the error message when you will click on “Create” button at the bottom.
  9. Repeat the above steps to create New User with pre-defined “Password Requires Numbers."