Block Volume Backup Enabled

Quick Info

Plugin TitleBlock Volume Backup Enabled
CategoryBlock Storage
DescriptionEnsures block volumes have backups enabled.
More InfoEnabling block volume backup policies ensures that the block volume can be restored following in the event of data loss.
Recommended ActionEnable backups on each block volume.

Detailed Remediation Steps

  1. Log in to the Oracle Cloud Platform Console.
  2. Scroll down the left navigation panel and choose the “Block Volumes” under the “Block Storage.”
  3. Click on the “Name” as a link to access to the “Boot Volume” setting.
  4. On the “Block Volume Details” page, scroll down and check on the left whether “Backup Policy” is enabled or not.
  5. Repeat steps number 2 - 4 to check other Block Volumes in the account.
  6. Navigate to “Block Volumes” under the “Block Storage” and select the “Block Volumes” option to enable the “Block Volume Backup”.
  7. On the “Block Volume Details” page, click on the “Assign” option next to the “Backup Policy."
  8. On the “Assign Backup Policy” page, select the “Backup Policy” type from the dropdown menu as per the requirements and click on the “Assign” button to make the changes.
  9. Repeat steps number 6 - 8 to enable “Block Volumes Backup."