CVE Vulnerabilities


Published: Jan 10, 2005 | Modified: Jul 11, 2017
CVSS 3.x
CVSS 2.x

The pnm_get_chunk function in xine 0.99.2 and earlier, and other packages such as MPlayer that use the same code, does not properly verify that the chunk size is less than the PREAMBLE_SIZE, which causes a read operation with a negative length that leads to a buffer overflow via (1) RMF_TAG, (2) DATA_TAG, (3) PROP_TAG, (4) MDPR_TAG, and (5) CONT_TAG values, a different vulnerability than CVE-2004-1187.

Affected Software

Name Vendor Start Version End Version
Mplayer Mplayer 0.90 0.90
Mplayer Mplayer 0.90_pre 0.90_pre
Mplayer Mplayer 0.90_rc 0.90_rc
Mplayer Mplayer 0.90_rc4 0.90_rc4
Mplayer Mplayer 0.91 0.91
Mplayer Mplayer 0.92 0.92
Mplayer Mplayer 0.92.1 0.92.1
Mplayer Mplayer 0.92_cvs 0.92_cvs
Mplayer Mplayer 1.0_pre1 1.0_pre1
Mplayer Mplayer 1.0_pre2 1.0_pre2
Mplayer Mplayer 1.0_pre3 1.0_pre3
Mplayer Mplayer 1.0_pre3try2 1.0_pre3try2
Mplayer Mplayer 1.0_pre4 1.0_pre4
Mplayer Mplayer 1.0_pre5 1.0_pre5
Mplayer Mplayer 1.0_pre5try1 1.0_pre5try1
Mplayer Mplayer 1.0_pre5try2 1.0_pre5try2
Mplayer Mplayer head_cvs head_cvs
Xine Xine 0.9.8 0.9.8
Xine Xine 0.9.13 0.9.13
Xine Xine 0.9.18 0.9.18
Xine Xine 1_alpha 1_alpha
Xine Xine 1_beta1 1_beta1
Xine Xine 1_beta2 1_beta2
Xine Xine 1_beta3 1_beta3
Xine Xine 1_beta4 1_beta4
Xine Xine 1_beta5 1_beta5
Xine Xine 1_beta6 1_beta6
Xine Xine 1_beta7 1_beta7
Xine Xine 1_beta8 1_beta8
Xine Xine 1_beta9 1_beta9
Xine Xine 1_beta10 1_beta10
Xine Xine 1_beta11 1_beta11
Xine Xine 1_beta12 1_beta12
Xine Xine 1_rc0 1_rc0
Xine Xine 1_rc0a 1_rc0a
Xine Xine 1_rc1 1_rc1
Xine Xine 1_rc2 1_rc2
Xine Xine 1_rc3 1_rc3
Xine Xine 1_rc3a 1_rc3a
Xine Xine 1_rc3b 1_rc3b
Xine Xine 1_rc4 1_rc4
Xine Xine 1_rc5 1_rc5
Xine Xine 1_rc6 1_rc6
Xine Xine 1_rc6a 1_rc6a
Xine Xine 1_rc7 1_rc7
Xine Xine 1_rc8 1_rc8
Xine-lib Xine 0.9.8 0.9.8
Xine-lib Xine 0.9.13 0.9.13
Xine-lib Xine 0.99 0.99
Xine-lib Xine 1_alpha 1_alpha
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta1 1_beta1
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta2 1_beta2
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta3 1_beta3
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta4 1_beta4
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta5 1_beta5
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta6 1_beta6
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta7 1_beta7
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta8 1_beta8
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta9 1_beta9
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta10 1_beta10
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta11 1_beta11
Xine-lib Xine 1_beta12 1_beta12
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc0 1_rc0
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc1 1_rc1
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc2 1_rc2
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc3 1_rc3
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc3a 1_rc3a
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc3b 1_rc3b
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc3c 1_rc3c
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc4 1_rc4
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc5 1_rc5
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc6 1_rc6
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc6a 1_rc6a
Xine-lib Xine 1_rc7 1_rc7
Xine-extracodecs Ubuntu dapper *
Xine-extracodecs Ubuntu edgy *
Xine-extracodecs Ubuntu feisty *
Xine-lib Ubuntu dapper *
Xine-lib Ubuntu devel *
Xine-lib Ubuntu edgy *
Xine-lib Ubuntu feisty *