CVE Vulnerabilities


Published: Jun 24, 2008 | Modified: Nov 01, 2018
CVSS 3.x
CVSS 2.x
7.8 HIGH

Integer overflow in the (1) rb_ary_splice function in Ruby 1.8.4 and earlier, 1.8.5 before 1.8.5-p231, 1.8.6 before 1.8.6-p230, and 1.8.7 before 1.8.7-p22; and (2) the rb_ary_replace function in 1.6.x allows context-dependent attackers to trigger memory corruption via unspecified vectors, aka the REALLOC_N variant, a different issue than CVE-2008-2662, CVE-2008-2663, and CVE-2008-2664. NOTE: as of 20080624, there has been inconsistent usage of multiple CVE identifiers related to Ruby. The CVE description should be regarded as authoritative, although it is likely to change.

Affected Software

Name Vendor Start Version End Version
Ruby Ruby-lang * 1.8.4
Ruby Ruby-lang 1.8.5 *
Ruby Ruby-lang 1.8.6 *
Ruby Ruby-lang 1.8.7 *
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 RedHat ruby-0:1.6.4-6.el2 *
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 RedHat ruby-0:1.6.8-12.el3 *
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 RedHat ruby-0:1.8.1-7.el4_6.1 *
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 RedHat ruby-0:1.8.5-5.el5_2.3 *
Ruby1.8 Ubuntu dapper *
Ruby1.8 Ubuntu feisty *
Ruby1.8 Ubuntu gutsy *
Ruby1.8 Ubuntu hardy *
Ruby1.8 Ubuntu upstream *
Ruby1.9 Ubuntu dapper *
Ruby1.9 Ubuntu feisty *
Ruby1.9 Ubuntu gutsy *
Ruby1.9 Ubuntu hardy *
Ruby1.9 Ubuntu intrepid *
Ruby1.9 Ubuntu jaunty *
Ruby1.9 Ubuntu karmic *
Ruby1.9 Ubuntu lucid *
Ruby1.9 Ubuntu upstream *