CVE Vulnerabilities


Published: Oct 19, 2011 | Modified: Jan 06, 2018
CVSS 3.x
CVSS 2.x
2.6 LOW
2.6 LOW

Unspecified vulnerability in the Java Runtime Environment component in Oracle Java SE JDK and JRE 7, 6 Update 27 and earlier, 5.0 Update 31 and earlier, and 1.4.2_33 and earlier allows remote attackers to affect integrity via unknown vectors related to Networking.

Affected Software

Name Vendor Start Version End Version
Jdk Sun * 1.6.0 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0 (including) 1.6.0 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_10 (including) 1.6.0-update_10 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_11 (including) 1.6.0-update_11 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_12 (including) 1.6.0-update_12 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_13 (including) 1.6.0-update_13 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_14 (including) 1.6.0-update_14 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_15 (including) 1.6.0-update_15 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_16 (including) 1.6.0-update_16 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_17 (including) 1.6.0-update_17 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_18 (including) 1.6.0-update_18 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_19 (including) 1.6.0-update_19 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_20 (including) 1.6.0-update_20 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_21 (including) 1.6.0-update_21 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_22 (including) 1.6.0-update_22 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_23 (including) 1.6.0-update_23 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_24 (including) 1.6.0-update_24 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_25 (including) 1.6.0-update_25 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_26 (including) 1.6.0-update_26 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_3 (including) 1.6.0-update_3 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_4 (including) 1.6.0-update_4 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_5 (including) 1.6.0-update_5 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_6 (including) 1.6.0-update_6 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update_7 (including) 1.6.0-update_7 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update1 (including) 1.6.0-update1 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.6.0-update2 (including) 1.6.0-update2 (including)
Jre Sun * 1.6.0 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0 (including) 1.6.0 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_1 (including) 1.6.0-update_1 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_10 (including) 1.6.0-update_10 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_11 (including) 1.6.0-update_11 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_12 (including) 1.6.0-update_12 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_13 (including) 1.6.0-update_13 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_14 (including) 1.6.0-update_14 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_15 (including) 1.6.0-update_15 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_16 (including) 1.6.0-update_16 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_17 (including) 1.6.0-update_17 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_18 (including) 1.6.0-update_18 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_19 (including) 1.6.0-update_19 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_2 (including) 1.6.0-update_2 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_20 (including) 1.6.0-update_20 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_21 (including) 1.6.0-update_21 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_22 (including) 1.6.0-update_22 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_23 (including) 1.6.0-update_23 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_24 (including) 1.6.0-update_24 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_25 (including) 1.6.0-update_25 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_26 (including) 1.6.0-update_26 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_3 (including) 1.6.0-update_3 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_4 (including) 1.6.0-update_4 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_5 (including) 1.6.0-update_5 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_6 (including) 1.6.0-update_6 (including)
Jre Sun 1.6.0-update_7 (including) 1.6.0-update_7 (including)
Extras for RHEL 4 RedHat java-1.6.0-sun-1: *
Extras for RHEL 4 RedHat java-1.5.0-ibm-1: *
Extras for RHEL 4 RedHat java-1.4.2-ibm-0: *
Extras for RHEL 4 RedHat java-1.6.0-ibm-1: *
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 RedHat java-1.6.0-openjdk-1: *
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 RedHat java-1.6.0-openjdk-1: *
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Supplementary RedHat java-1.6.0-sun-1: *
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Supplementary RedHat java-1.5.0-ibm-1: *
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Supplementary RedHat java-1.6.0-ibm-1: *
Red Hat Network Satellite Server v 5.4 RedHat java-1.6.0-ibm-1: *
RHEL 4 for SAP RedHat *
RHEL 5 for SAP RedHat *
Supplementary for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 RedHat java-1.6.0-sun-1: *
Supplementary for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 RedHat java-1.5.0-ibm-1: *
Supplementary for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 RedHat java-1.4.2-ibm-0: *
Supplementary for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 RedHat java-1.6.0-ibm-1: *
Openjdk-6 Ubuntu hardy *
Openjdk-6 Ubuntu lucid *
Openjdk-6 Ubuntu maverick *
Openjdk-6 Ubuntu natty *
Openjdk-6 Ubuntu oneiric *
Openjdk-6 Ubuntu upstream *
Openjdk-6b18 Ubuntu lucid *
Openjdk-6b18 Ubuntu maverick *
Openjdk-6b18 Ubuntu natty *
Openjdk-6b18 Ubuntu oneiric *
Openjdk-7 Ubuntu devel *
Openjdk-7 Ubuntu oneiric *
Openjdk-7 Ubuntu precise *
Openjdk-7 Ubuntu quantal *
Openjdk-7 Ubuntu upstream *
Sun-java5 Ubuntu hardy *
Sun-java6 Ubuntu hardy *
Sun-java6 Ubuntu upstream *