CVE Vulnerabilities


Published: Oct 16, 2013 | Modified: May 13, 2022
CVSS 3.x
CVSS 2.x

Unspecified vulnerability in Oracle Java SE 7u40 and earlier, Java SE 6u60 and earlier, Java SE 5.0u51 and earlier, and Java SE Embedded 7u40 and earlier allows remote attackers to affect confidentiality via unknown vectors related to Libraries.

Affected Software

Name Vendor Start Version End Version
Jdk Oracle * 1.5.0 (including)
Jdk Oracle 1.5.0-update36 (including) 1.5.0-update36 (including)
Jdk Oracle 1.5.0-update38 (including) 1.5.0-update38 (including)
Jdk Oracle 1.5.0-update40 (including) 1.5.0-update40 (including)
Jdk Oracle 1.5.0-update41 (including) 1.5.0-update41 (including)
Jdk Oracle 1.5.0-update45 (including) 1.5.0-update45 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0 (including) 1.5.0 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update1 (including) 1.5.0-update1 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update10 (including) 1.5.0-update10 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update11 (including) 1.5.0-update11 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update11_b03 (including) 1.5.0-update11_b03 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update12 (including) 1.5.0-update12 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update13 (including) 1.5.0-update13 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update14 (including) 1.5.0-update14 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update15 (including) 1.5.0-update15 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update16 (including) 1.5.0-update16 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update17 (including) 1.5.0-update17 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update18 (including) 1.5.0-update18 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update19 (including) 1.5.0-update19 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update2 (including) 1.5.0-update2 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update20 (including) 1.5.0-update20 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update21 (including) 1.5.0-update21 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update22 (including) 1.5.0-update22 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update23 (including) 1.5.0-update23 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update24 (including) 1.5.0-update24 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update25 (including) 1.5.0-update25 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update26 (including) 1.5.0-update26 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update27 (including) 1.5.0-update27 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update28 (including) 1.5.0-update28 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update29 (including) 1.5.0-update29 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update3 (including) 1.5.0-update3 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update31 (including) 1.5.0-update31 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update33 (including) 1.5.0-update33 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update4 (including) 1.5.0-update4 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update5 (including) 1.5.0-update5 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update6 (including) 1.5.0-update6 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update7 (including) 1.5.0-update7 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update7_b03 (including) 1.5.0-update7_b03 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update8 (including) 1.5.0-update8 (including)
Jdk Sun 1.5.0-update9 (including) 1.5.0-update9 (including)