CVE Vulnerabilities


Insufficiently Protected Credentials

Published: Apr 10, 2019 | Modified: Feb 05, 2021
CVSS 3.x
CVSS 2.x
7.2 HIGH

When set system ports console insecure is enabled, root login is disallowed for Junos OS as expected. However, the root password can be changed using set system root-authentication plain-text-password on systems booted from an OAM (Operations, Administration, and Maintenance) volume, leading to a possible administrative bypass with physical access to the console. OAM volumes (e.g. flash drives) are typically instantiated as /dev/gpt/oam, or /oam for short. Password recovery, changing the root password from a console, should not have been allowed from an insecure console. Affected releases are Juniper Networks Junos OS: 15.1 versions prior to 15.1F6-S12, 15.1R7-S3; 15.1X49 versions prior to 15.1X49-D160; 15.1X53 versions prior to 15.1X53-D236, 15.1X53-D496, 15.1X53-D68; 16.1 versions prior to 16.1R3-S10, 16.1R6-S6, 16.1R7-S3; 16.1X65 versions prior to 16.1X65-D49; 16.2 versions prior to 16.2R2-S8; 17.1 versions prior to 17.1R2-S10, 17.1R3; 17.2 versions prior to 17.2R1-S8, 17.2R3-S1; 17.3 versions prior to 17.3R3-S3; 17.4 versions prior to 17.4R1-S6, 17.4R2-S2; 18.1 versions prior to 18.1R2-S4, 18.1R3-S3; 18.2 versions prior to 18.2R2; 18.2X75 versions prior to 18.2X75-D40; 18.3 versions prior to 18.3R1-S2. This issue does not affect Junos OS releases prior to 15.1.


The product transmits or stores authentication credentials, but it uses an insecure method that is susceptible to unauthorized interception and/or retrieval.

Affected Software

Name Vendor Start Version End Version
Junos Juniper 15.1-f2 (including) 15.1-f2 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-f3 (including) 15.1-f3 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-f4 (including) 15.1-f4 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-f5 (including) 15.1-f5 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-f6 (including) 15.1-f6 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-f7 (including) 15.1-f7 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-r1 (including) 15.1-r1 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-r2 (including) 15.1-r2 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-r3 (including) 15.1-r3 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-r4 (including) 15.1-r4 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-r5 (including) 15.1-r5 (including)
Junos Juniper 15.1-r6 (including) 15.1-r6 (including)

Potential Mitigations