CVE Vulnerabilities


Improper Verification of Cryptographic Signature

Published: Mar 24, 2021 | Modified: Mar 30, 2021
CVSS 3.x
CVSS 2.x
7.2 HIGH

Multiple vulnerabilities in the fast reload feature of Cisco IOS XE Software running on Cisco Catalyst 3850, Cisco Catalyst 9300, and Cisco Catalyst 9300L Series Switches could allow an authenticated, local attacker to either execute arbitrary code on the underlying operating system, install and boot a malicious software image, or execute unsigned binaries on an affected device. These vulnerabilities are due to improper checks performed by system boot routines. To exploit these vulnerabilities, the attacker would need privileged access to the CLI of the device. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to either execute arbitrary code on the underlying operating system or execute unsigned code and bypass the image verification check part of the secure boot process. For more information about these vulnerabilities, see the Details section of this advisory.


The product does not verify, or incorrectly verifies, the cryptographic signature for data.

Affected Software

Name Vendor Start Version End Version
Ios_xe Cisco 16.5.1 (including) 16.5.1 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.5.1a (including) 16.5.1a (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.6.1 (including) 16.6.1 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.6.2 (including) 16.6.2 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.6.3 (including) 16.6.3 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.6.4 (including) 16.6.4 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.6.4a (including) 16.6.4a (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.6.4s (including) 16.6.4s (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.6.5 (including) 16.6.5 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.6.6 (including) 16.6.6 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.6.7 (including) 16.6.7 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.8.1 (including) 16.8.1 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.8.1a (including) 16.8.1a (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.8.1s (including) 16.8.1s (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.9.1 (including) 16.9.1 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.9.1s (including) 16.9.1s (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.9.2 (including) 16.9.2 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.9.2s (including) 16.9.2s (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.9.3 (including) 16.9.3 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.9.3a (including) 16.9.3a (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.9.3s (including) 16.9.3s (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.9.4 (including) 16.9.4 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.10.1 (including) 16.10.1 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.10.1e (including) 16.10.1e (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.10.1s (including) 16.10.1s (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.11.1 (including) 16.11.1 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.11.1b (including) 16.11.1b (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.11.1c (including) 16.11.1c (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.11.1s (including) 16.11.1s (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.11.2 (including) 16.11.2 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.12.1 (including) 16.12.1 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.12.1c (including) 16.12.1c (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.12.1s (including) 16.12.1s (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.12.2 (including) 16.12.2 (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.12.2s (including) 16.12.2s (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 16.12.2t (including) 16.12.2t (including)
Ios_xe Cisco 17.1.1 (including) 17.1.1 (including)