CVE Vulnerabilities


Improper Initialization

Published: Feb 01, 2023 | Modified: Nov 07, 2023
CVSS 3.x
CVSS 2.x

On BIG-IP Virtual Edition versions 15.1x beginning in 15.1.4 to before 15.1.8 and 14.1.x beginning in 14.1.5 to before, and BIG-IP SPK beginning in 1.5.0 to before 1.6.0, when FastL4 profile is configured on a virtual server, undisclosed traffic can cause the Traffic Management Microkernel (TMM) to terminate. Note: Software versions which have reached End of Technical Support (EoTS) are not evaluated.


The product does not initialize or incorrectly initializes a resource, which might leave the resource in an unexpected state when it is accessed or used.

Affected Software

Name Vendor Start Version End Version
Big-ip_access_policy_manager F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_access_policy_manager F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_advanced_firewall_manager F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_advanced_firewall_manager F5 15.1.0 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_analytics F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_analytics F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_application_acceleration_manager F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_application_acceleration_manager F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_application_security_manager F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_application_security_manager F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_ddos_hybrid_defender F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_ddos_hybrid_defender F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_domain_name_system F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_domain_name_system F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_fraud_protection_service F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_fraud_protection_service F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_link_controller F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_link_controller F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_local_traffic_manager F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_local_traffic_manager F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_policy_enforcement_manager F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_policy_enforcement_manager F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)
Big-ip_ssl_orchestrator F5 14.1.5 (including) (excluding)
Big-ip_ssl_orchestrator F5 15.1.4 (including) 15.1.8 (excluding)

Potential Mitigations

  • Use a language that does not allow this weakness to occur or provides constructs that make this weakness easier to avoid.
  • For example, in Java, if the programmer does not explicitly initialize a variable, then the code could produce a compile-time error (if the variable is local) or automatically initialize the variable to the default value for the variable’s type. In Perl, if explicit initialization is not performed, then a default value of undef is assigned, which is interpreted as 0, false, or an equivalent value depending on the context in which the variable is accessed.