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Published: Jan 12, 2024 | Modified: Jan 18, 2024
CVSS 3.x
CVSS 2.x

An Improper Validation of Syntactic Correctness of Input vulnerability in the Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) of Juniper Networks Junos OS allows a network-based, unauthenticated attacker to cause a Denial of Service (DoS).

If an attacker sends high rate of specific ICMP traffic to a device with VXLAN configured, this causes a deadlock of the PFE and results in the device becoming unresponsive. A manual restart will be required to recover the device.

This issue only affects EX4100, EX4400, EX4600, QFX5000 Series devices.

This issue affects:

Juniper Networks Junos OS

  • 21.4R3 versions earlier than 21.4R3-S4;
  • 22.1R3 versions earlier than 22.1R3-S3;
  • 22.2R2 versions earlier than 22.2R3-S1;
  • 22.3 versions earlier than 22.3R2-S2, 22.3R3;
  • 22.4 versions earlier than 22.4R2;
  • 23.1 versions earlier than 23.1R2.

Affected Software

Name Vendor Start Version End Version
Junos Juniper 21.4-r3 (including) 21.4-r3 (including)
Junos Juniper 21.4-r3-s1 (including) 21.4-r3-s1 (including)
Junos Juniper 21.4-r3-s2 (including) 21.4-r3-s2 (including)
Junos Juniper 21.4-r3-s3 (including) 21.4-r3-s3 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.1-r3 (including) 22.1-r3 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.1-r3-s1 (including) 22.1-r3-s1 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.1-r3-s2 (including) 22.1-r3-s2 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.2-r2 (including) 22.2-r2 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.2-r2-s1 (including) 22.2-r2-s1 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.2-r2-s2 (including) 22.2-r2-s2 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.2-r3 (including) 22.2-r3 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.3 (including) 22.3 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.3-r1 (including) 22.3-r1 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.3-r1-s1 (including) 22.3-r1-s1 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.3-r1-s2 (including) 22.3-r1-s2 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.3-r2 (including) 22.3-r2 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.3-r2-s1 (including) 22.3-r2-s1 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.4 (including) 22.4 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.4-r1 (including) 22.4-r1 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.4-r1-s1 (including) 22.4-r1-s1 (including)
Junos Juniper 22.4-r1-s2 (including) 22.4-r1-s2 (including)
Junos Juniper 23.1-r1 (including) 23.1-r1 (including)