CVE Vulnerabilities


Published: Feb 20, 2024 | Modified: Feb 20, 2024
CVSS 3.x
CVSS 2.x

This High severity Injection vulnerability was introduced in Assets Discovery 1.0 - 6.2.0 (all versions).

Assets Discovery, which can be downloaded via Atlassian Marketplace, is a network scanning tool that can be used with or without an agent with Jira Service Management Cloud, Data Center or Server. It detects hardware and software that is connected to your local network and extracts detailed information about each asset. This data can then be imported into Assets in Jira Service Management to help you manage all of the devices and configuration items within your local network.

This Injection vulnerability, with a CVSS Score of 7.2, allows an authenticated attacker to modify the actions taken by a system call which has high impact to confidentiality, high impact to integrity, high impact to availability, and requires no user interaction.

Atlassian recommends that Assets Discovery customers upgrade to latest version, if you are unable to do so, upgrade your instance to one of the specified supported fixed versions

See the release notes ( You can download the latest version of Assets Discovery from the Atlassian Marketplace (

This vulnerability was reported via our Penetration Testing program.