CVE Vulnerabilities


Plaintext Storage of a Password

Published: Feb 21, 2024 | Modified: Feb 21, 2024
CVSS 3.x
CVSS 2.x

EventStoreDB (ESDB) is an operational database built to store events. A vulnerability has been identified in the projections subsystem in versions 20 prior to 20.10.6, 21 prior to 21.10.11, 22 prior to 22.10.5, and 23 prior to 23.10.1. Only database instances that use custom projections are affected by this vulnerability. User passwords may become accessible to those who have access to the chunk files on disk, and users who have read access to system streams. Only users in the $admins group can access system streams by default. ESDB 23.10.1, 22.10.5, 21.10.11, and 20.10.6 contain a patch for this issue. Users should upgrade EventStoreDB, reset the passwords for current and previous members of $admins and $ops groups, and, if a password was reused in any other system, reset it in those systems to a unique password to follow best practices. If an upgrade cannot be done immediately, reset the passwords for current and previous members of $admins and $ops groups. Avoid creating custom projections until the patch has been applied.


Storing a password in plaintext may result in a system compromise.

Potential Mitigations